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5 Ways to Create an Effective Landing Page

Posted by Jairo Gomez on Aug 30, 2017 4:56:29 PM

Create an effective landing pageAlthough most business landing pages have at least one interactive item, people still tend to see them as static - and maybe a bit dull.

Do you want to lose a potential lead because of a dry landing page? No! Luckily, we have a better solution to make your landing pages stand out from your competitors.

First of all, your landing pages shouldn’t overflow with graphics. If there’s too much going on, the page’s personality can shift from functional to an assault on the senses. 

If you’re just beginning to build effective landing pages or want to improve existing page performance, there are a few ways to make visitors and your marketing team happier.

1. Use Strong Headlines and Copy

Landing pages should be simple by design. Every word counts. Tighten the copy by eliminating unnecessary words (such as adverbs). Match the headline and copy in tone and style. Use your A-game grammar skills to leave no room for misunderstandings. Formstack suggests that trust indicators, such as ratings and testimonials, be included in the copy. 

Be honest with yourself when writing the landing page. If it doesn't make sense to you, your leads will not understand the information given. Visitors should know at a glance what the page is about and what they’ll get in exchange for entering their information. Try a five second usability test to measure first impressions before you even launch! 

2. Keep the Most Important Information "Above the Fold"

Sometimes, landing pages really do need more than just the basic copy. You want site visitors to see the breadth and depth of what your company offers, but in bite-size pieces. Keep the landing page’s most compelling message "above the fold," so visitors won’t have to hunt for it. If you want the page to offer more, keep everything else below the fold and make a clear distinction between the two.

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3. Give Visitors a Powerful Call to Action

Every landing page should have a single purpose. Your call to action tells people what to do and how to accomplish it in as clear terms and few steps as possible. Put your CTA and buttons front-and-center, that way there's no room for doubt in the visitor’s mind. According to Hubspot, visual clutter, such as complex graphics, detracts from the message. 

If you’re tempted to add more than one CTA per page, give the other ideas their own landing page. 

4. Make Buttons Visually Pop Against the Background

All roads should lead to the call to action and what you want visitors to click. Do you want visitors to fill out a form or do you want them to press “Click Here!” to learn more? Improve the odds of them doing so by making those page elements pop against the background. Use bold fonts, vibrant colors, or both. Include relevant keywords that are actions words. Kissmetrics recommends adding “free,” “buy,” or “download now” to align with the most effective keywords. 

5. Use a Little Color Theory

Think about how these colors affect visitor perception and align with the purpose of your business:

 Color Effect
  Attention-getting, youthful, upbeat, energetic
  Punchy, assertive, get attention in a hurry
  Energetic, sense of urgency, great for sale items
  Sweet, feminine, romantic
  Trust, security
  Calm, serenity
  Wealth, money
  Classic, luxury

To get the most out of your color choices, make text and buttons contrast against the background. For example, if you want the most mileage from a red button or call to action text, layer it over a background that’s white, gray, or complementary (contrasting or opposite) on the color wheel. Here are a few complementary color examples:

  • Red and Green
  • Blue and Orange
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Pink and Bright Green

Testing is a key element to create a visually streamlined, simple landing page that gets the results you need. The goal of every landing page is always the same - encourage visitors to take some specific type of action. How you get visitors to take action is what sets your business apart.

There are numerous ways to build effective landing pages. And there's virtually no limit to business advice for creating a page that works. The trick is finding what works for your business. 

Schedule a consultation and we'll help you build effective landing pages! 

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