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The Importance of A Marketing Calendar

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Dec 10, 2011 6:15:00 AM

Marketing CalendarDo you have a good understanding of the importance of maintaining a marketing calendar? Even the most organized people can veer off-track with marketing efforts, that’s one reason it’s important to have a marketing calendar.

A well maintained marketing calendar provides a clear overview and understanding of what and when marketing activities are taking place. Of course, the marketing calendar may evolve throughout the year, but it should provide a solid outline of monthly or weekly plans for marketing.

Many businesses use the New Year to set new goals for marketing and communication with customers or prospects. If you’re one of those businesses, now is the time to create your marketing calendar. Perhaps you’d might plan a print marketing campaign, or you might want to give new life to your email marketing design, or perhaps you want to take advantage of the power of inbound marketing.  Whatever your goals are - you need a calendar to keep you on track.  Take the time to brainstorm, plan it out now and schedule it in you calendar, and just focus on execution.

In your marketing calendar you should include holidays and your offers for those respective holiday. For example, on Valentine's Day, do you have a Valentine's offer?, add your direct mailing and newsletter launching dates and don't forget your follow ups.

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