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Why Get Social on Facebook?

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Aug 3, 2011 5:52:00 AM

facebookSo the big question many of you have been asking is: why should I make a profile on facebook? It could be a waste of time. Think Again! Below are 6.5 reasons compiled on the benefits of WHY YOU SHOULD open a profile on Facebook for you and your organization.

#1: Facebook and other social networks open one more communication channel. Do you want to be kept top of mind by your prospects/customers? Communicate with them.

#2: Facebook has over 222 million users globally; could you use 10 new customers?

#3: Facebook allows you to dynamically target ads to your market (show ads based on age, gender, groups of association, etc). We love targeted communication, and so should you.

#4: Facebook allows you to have a profile for yourself, and a page for your business; this allows your business to have a separate identity in the social media world within the Facebook community.

#5: It’s FREE! During any economy, good or bad, free is always good, and it takes less then 30 minutes to open a profile for your or your business

#6: Social Media is a virtual hang out. Want to look like a real human instead of a faceless corporation? Here's your chance.

#7: Everyone else is doing it. Jump on the bandwagon or get left in the dust!

We hope this article has answered your question; if you need more information (or just want to say hello), post something on our Facebook wall at http://facebook.xzito.com. Stay connected with our virtual community, get the latest information, and win big prizes!

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