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3 Halloween Marketing Ideas You Can Use to Win BIG!

Posted by Juan Gomez on Oct 30, 2013 3:52:00 PM


halloween_MarketingHalloween is a holiday that allows us to get creative with our marketing, but also with ourselves. I have always enjoyed this holiday because it allows me to transform, for a few hours, into my favorite characters.  Last year, I was LEGO MAN and this year, I decided to become my favorite drink, Kool-Aid Man! Oh Yeah!  

As you can imagine, I no longer go trick-or-treating. At 6'3", I'm a bit tall for this, so now I enjoy Halloween by going to fun costume parties.  This has allowed me to translate my creative juices from the online world into the physical world of one-on-one experiences. Guess what? This has helped me to win BIG! In the past, I've won Limo Rides to concerts and more. This year, I won a 43'' TV, several cruise tickets, and $500 dollars cash. 

Halloween Marketing Ideas 1

So what can your marketing program learn from my Halloween experiences? How can YOU create the exciting marketing experiences that generate higher leads, customer loyalty and excitement?  Take a peek at my top 3 lessons:

Lesson 1-Connecting with Customers

I don't just pick any costume, I pick costumes that people can relate to.  I remember researching top iconic figures in US Culture. Based on my research, I looked to see if any costumes existed. If they didn't, I brainstormed a big idea for a costume.  So here is what you need to ask yourself.  Are we connecting with what our customers want?  Can they relate?  And most importantly, Are we DIFFERENT in a highly relevant way?

Lesson 2-People Want To Have Fun & Be Entertained

It's not about the price; it's about the "experience".  In the past, the costume party organizers charged $5 dollars to get in. This year, they increased their price to $25.  How?  Well, they are known to have the biggest Halloween costume parties, but added a mini-haunted house experience for those arriving at the party. Reputation and newly-added value allowed the organizers to more than triple the price, increase their profitability, and amplify their customers' experience and fun. So - What value can you provide to your customers that they are not willing to question price but pay based on the value you provide?  In certain airlines they differentiate and create an experience by telling a joke. What can you do to DIFFERENTIATE, be Fun and Entertain!

Lesson 3-People Want To Be Recognized

When people were voting for the winner, it was my costume's name they were screaming. I can't lie. At first, I was a bit shy, but the adulation felt good. It was fun! What can you do to recognize your best customers? In certain industries they offer certificates and awards. In the credit card industry, they reward your spending with POINTS.  What can you do to recognize your top customers?

In conclusion, exciting Halloween marketing can happen any time. To make it happen, we as marketers must be willing to step out of the normal routine, re-invent ourselves, differentiate our products, our services and our delivery for maximum customer fun and excitement.  What creative marketing experiences, stories have you experienced? Share them in the comments below!

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