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brand_process_2.jpgIn our increasingly consumer-driven society, marketers and designers are asked to create distinctive images, and memorable brand names for maximum ROI. It’s important to not only understand the audiences we are targeting, unique differentiation, but also the universal emotional, psychological, and visceral meanings of color, shape and forms that impact engagement. When we embark in giving life to a new brand with our clients we typically follow a variation of this process.

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Phase 1: Planning

This phase is concerned with gathering information and establishing design criteria. It often requires spending a great deal of time with the client to define the target market, needs, objectives, and problems to be solved. We pay close attention to the current AS IS and desired SHOULD BE ideas for brand positioning. We also review all current interactive and traditional communication assets.

Phase 2: Concept Development

After your assigned account manager and the creative team have reached an agreement regarding your concerns, and future direction of the brand, we'll conceptualize rough sketches of your logo along with brand slogan ideas for positioning. Based on your feedback and approval we'll move onto the 3rd phase of the project to begin fine tuning the approved artwork and slogan. 

Phase 3: Design Refinement

At this stage, the design team will refine the accepted concept by carefully crafting a series of high-fidelity designs. We will test out with variations in color, pattern, texture, shape, and typography. Special attention of these elements as a whole will then be tested in different forms of placement to ensure your brand is well represented when shown in full color vs. black & white, print use vs. web use, full page ad vs. half-page ad placement, promotional merchandise, etc.

Phase 4: Final Production

During this final stage, all artwork is exported into multiple file formats for different application usage. Final presentation of your brand elements is presented in a form of a style guide.  The style guide sets the standards for usage of all brand design elements, such as fonts you should be using, primary and secondary colors, and specifications of how to use your logo for both interactive and traditional communication.