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We’ve worked with and learned from some really smart people and their companies across many industries during the past decade. Along the way, we’ve seen how the insights learned and programs built in one industry can be directly transferable to others, shortening the time and cost for the achievement of business goals.  Increasingly, we're asked to help generate the Hispanic Marketing opportunities that represent such an exciting and fast-growing segment that cannot be ignored. Learn more about industry specific solutions.

1. Manufacturing


With the many costs, competitors, and regulatory pressures facing manufacturers, there's no room for marketing components and campaigns that don't work fast and deliver needed ROI. We've developed custom interactive websites, comprehensive marketing programs, and unique campaigns to drive traffic, convert leads, delight customers, and boost engagement for our manufacturing clients.

Manufacturing companies that trust Xzito

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2. Health Care


We're known for the creation of easy-to-use interactive and traditional communication tools that help doctors while promoting patient engagement. 

Health care companies that trust Xzito

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3. Government and Non-Profit


Government agencies and non-profits that trust Xzito


4. Education


We work with educators to develop traditional and interactive marketing campaigns for enhanced student and alumni engagement. These include Learning Management Applications, and recruitment & engagement campaigns. 

Education institutions that trust Xzito

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5. Traditional and E-Commerce Retail Management


We help retailers with the online and traditional marketing programs they need to build brand preference and business opportunities in their highly competitive world. From e-commerce online stores, lead generation campaigns, in-store point-of-sale materials, and promotional campaigns, we help drive sales growth through new customer acquisition and existing customer retention.

Retail & E-commerce companies that trust Xzito

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Retail & E-Commerce Case Studies:

6. Financial Services


The financial services industry is complex, heavily regulated, and changing quickly.  We have experience not only developing interactive web apps to support sales and service but also marketing directly to consumers (B2C) and 3rd party agents (B2B).  

Financial service companies that trust Xzito

7. Professional Services 


Professional service companies that trust Xzito