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The Challenge 

eClinicalWorks is a privately-held, ambulatory technology company that serves thousands of wellness providers today. When they reached out to Xzito, they had an outdated website with limited functionality. Since many of their pages contained complex layouts, it was difficult for them to update and create new ones as their website grew. Both national and international clients are associated with eClinicalWorks but the site did not have the capability to show and hide information based on the user's location. eClinicalWorks wanted to redesign their website and add features that would help the users navigation and improve their overall online experience.  

The Solution

Xzito focused on redesigning and developing the eClinicalWorks website to make it more efficient for users. We evaluated the challenges at hand and helped solve them in the following ways:

  • Location-Specific Content 
    • This allowed for more specific content to be displayed for customers nationally and internationally.
    • Since the client's product and services weren't available in all areas, it was important to show only relevant content based on their location.
  • Improved Event Management
    • Integrated an easy-to-use event management module that allowed the organization to create and promote single day, multi-day, and recurring events.
    • Integrated Google Maps so the user can see where the event is hosted.
  • Call-to-Actions
    • Created a bottom-of-the-funnel, call-to-action throughout the entire website to drive more inquires and increase sales.
  • Improved Security
    • Integrated SSL security to protect user confidentialty of website to keep sensitive user information secure.
    • Other security improvements included registration security, database security, and firewall functionality
  • Mobile Responsive Design
    • Developed a mobile responsive website that adjusts accordingly to all devices.
    • The website design adapts to different browser sizes -- so that instead of needing a separate mobile site, the content will be resized and rearranged to fit smaller screens (Smartphones, Tablets, etc)  
  • Retina HD Compatibility
    • Since almost all up-to-date mobile phones and tablets on the market are using high-resolution displays, it was imperative that we made all images HD ready so the website looked crystal clear on all devices.
  • SEO Friendly Website Migration
    • Implemented 301 redirects to safely pass PageRank from your older pages to the newer ones
    • This enabled the organization to maintain their search equity across all web pages and avoided any dead links
  • Contact Database
    • Added a contact database to the site so eClincialWorks can keep track of incoming sales and customer inquiries, making it easier to market to new customers. 
    • Instead of relying on searching through your email, they can access these inquiries from one central location making it much more manageable.
  •  Other design features included: 
    • A customizable homepage slider
    • Instructive statistics to the homepage
    • Drag and Drop Layouts
    • Customizable Pricing Table
    • Improved Site Architecture
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