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The Chief Executive Officer and Marketing Manager of McVan Inc. wanted a partner that could help improve their brand’s unique positioning statement, value proposition, and online presence. They wanted to make competitors irrelevant, stay on top of new marketing trends, and maintain their current customer base while working on tactics to acquire new customers. 


Xzito Creative Solutions LLC worked with the customer on a combination of brand builders and marketing drivers that would deliver immediate results. We studied the customers brand, competitors, ideal buyer profile, and developed an online marketing communication strategy to connect with their existing and potential buyers. Within 3 months of the program’s launch, McVan achieved 10,570 new website visitors, 116 leads from online sources, and 53 new clients. 

In addition we provided McVan with a completely different website design to make it easier for their existing customer base to purchase products and navigate the website. We also set up multiple promotional campaigns to advertise their products and drive consumer growth. Other features included:

  • Social Media and Blog Integration 
  • Customer Survey to help improve aspects of the company 
  • Trade Show Campaign 
  • e-Books
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