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Marketing Management Partner Do you have an exciting GROWTH PLAN to increase traffic, leads, and customer loyalty? Then let us discover your EGQ - Exciting Growth Quotient! Together we'll discuss your market and leadership vision along with strategies that will help you bridge the GAP between the  "As-Is" and the "Should-Be" to beat your competition.

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Note: Consultations are conducted via WebMeeting or at our headquarters in Johnston, RI.

How long does the meeting last?  
Typically between 30 min to 1 hour. 
Who should be part of the conversation?  
We recommend all key decisions makers responsible for the growth of the organization, marketing, and sales. 
What is the outcome from the meeting?  
During the meeting we will provide you your EGQ (Exciting Growth Quotient).  The EGQ is a score based on attributes from high growth organizations.   We also discuss opportunities and strategies to bridge the GAP from your AS IS to growth potential.
We just want to discuss a project we have in mind?  
We can certainly discuss your objectives, and desired project outcomes.  For all new customers, we typically do like to establish a baseline for the EGQ - Exciting Growth Quotient and tackle opportunities as part of a comprehensive marketing program.