Interactive Marketing  

Convergence Data
Richard Turner / CEO

 "We worked with Xzito to build the the technical foundation for inbound marketing. The team helped us to build our blog engine, calls to actions, landing pages, and email workflows to connect with new leads, and re-activate existing contacts. They have a very organized approach to their work, they follow up on action items in a timely manner, very responsive. They shared with us best practices on leveraging the Hubspot Platform for Sales/Marketing Automation. We would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a savvy digital marketing partner". 

Sidd Shah / Business Unit Lead - Patient/Consumer Health Engagement

"We were referred to Xzito and overall our experience working with them was outstanding! If you're looking for design work that supersedes other designs of the 21st century or compete in your space/industry, Xzito will not let you down. Our Project Lead from Xzito was great to work with. The team was professional, detail-oriented, timely, on budget and overall fun to work with. It was as if we were working with an employee in our organization. We initially had budgeted for one piece of work, but soon extended our scope of work based on the outputs we received from Xzito. We're very happy with the end product that was delivered to us. I would definitely go back to them with more work in the future and recommend their services to anyone evaluating them."

Debbie Rosa / President

"I would like to thank Xzito for all of their help in providing me with a fantastic professional website.  I'm thrilled with it and the feedback from my customers has been great.  I couldn't be any happier with the work Xzito has done and continues to do for my website and other business marketing materials.  I will continue to work with Xzito in future projects and would strongly recommend their services without hesitation."

Elder Services of the Merrimarck Valley, Inc.
Pati Fernandez / Director of Development

"Now we have a complete system that’s really accessible to not only the user but on the backend for our employees as well. We really appreciated Xzito’s ability to guide us through what could have been a difficult transition. They helped us get the most from the typically tight budget faced by non-profits helped us make the right decisions as well."

Johnny Rockets
Jason Sugarman / Vice President 

“I came to Xzito with the desire to create a digital menu for my store that would be sharper, cleaner and more effective then the competition, their execution was precise and after this project we have turned over other creative needs, thank you!”

Brown University 
The Brown Journal of World Affairs

"As an international relations publication seeking to increase our readership, we wanted a new website with a modern, sleek design and better features for multimedia. Xzito gave us many great designs to choose from. We loved that they had a strong sense of designing toward consistent branding and superior usability. Xzito also built new features for us in a quick and easy fashion, saving us time and money. I would recommend that any organization look to Xzito for friendly, responsive service and quality web development."

Green Friendly Sports
Steve Walsh

"We wanted to create a unique website which would assist us in brand extension and allow us to capture web sales. Just like any small business, cost was an issue, but we got what we paid for trying to cut corners previously and knew that we had to do it right this time. We engaged Xzito in order to assist us in creating a simple and effective website. I was truly impressed with Xzito's process and results. They set our expectations right from the beginning and delivered on everything they promised. I also felt that the cost was very fair for the high level of work Xzito did. I would recommend Xzito to any business who needs a better web presence. A website is often a company's first impression. Xzito is well aware of this and has a tremendous team of quality professionals. Thank you guys for a great site!"

Everest Enterprises
Dr. Tim Warren

"I'm a Chiropractor at Warren Chiropractic in Warwick, RI and a motivational speaker/ author and creator of Everest Enterprises. Xzito helped me get a worldwide following to my web/blog site and linked it up to social networking sites. They are cool guys and I look forward to a long prosperous relationship with them."

Carlos Tobon State Representative
Carlos Tobon / RI State Representative 58th District

"I would like to thank Xzito for their dedication, passion and commitment to delivering excellent web & print services, my campaign image is consistent across all marketing materials, it is also unique and effective" 

Martin Israelit - Founder of Coldmasters Temperature Control, Inc

"We had a basic website, now we have an interactive sales representative that communicates with our customers, and prospects 24x7x365. We also have a system in place to monitor our web-site health and figure out if it’s having an ROI. We would highly recommend Xzito to any organization that is serious about winning online.”

Everything Xcelsius
Mico Yuk / President

"When our dashboard designer moved unto another industry almost a year ago, we were left with no way to get our dashboards the polished, finished look that distinguishes our dashboards from the competition. With the help of Xzito, we were able to overcome this hurdle and we are now back on track. Our last 2 projects were a smashing success!

Sensing Systems
Ricardo Bermudez / President

"We started a marketing partnership with Xzito 6 months ago and in this short period they helped us carry out a new marketing strategy and enhance our marketing systems. We now have a website built for conversion, and have over 30 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google. With their assistance, we implemented new technologies that help our sales team monitor all stages of our sales cycle. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and always accessible. We highly recommend Xzito to any CEO, or Marketing Manager that needs support in growing their marketing systems."

Recycling Growth
Paul D’Adamo / President

“After growing and eventually selling our Auto Recycling Business in 2013, we began a partnership with Xzito to support our newest business venture. The team helped us to analyze our business model, and worked with us to create compelling marketing, product, and sales strategies. Together, we were able to develop a brand new company targeting Auto Recycling Business owners, allowing us to share our expertise on a larger scale. In addition, the team also worked side-by-side with us to build all of our print and web communication materials. Xzito supported our vision from day one and provided us with valuable insights that are shifting and growing our company's potential.”
Marketing Campaigns  

Teknor Apex Company
 Sandy Hopkins / Corporate Marketing Communications Manager

"In the later part of 2006, a new business appeared across the street from our corporate headquarters. Now two and a half years later, Xzito is my first resource when I need something done in my marketing communications job. I have done trade show graphics, plant posters, data sheets, web ads, logo designs and Power Point programs with Xzito, just to name a few projects. A poster of our plants they made for us is hanging in all 12 of our locations in the U.S., England, China and Singapore. When I need something quickly, they are very responsive. I find their prices to be fair and the quality of their work to be excellent. I feel very lucky and I highly recommend them to anyone needing marketing communications services."

University of Rhode Island - Feinstein Providence Campus
Joanne DiBello / Director Marketing & External Relations University of Rhode Island Providence Campus

 "In October 2010 we engaged Xzito to work with us in optimizing our web site and prepare us for PPC advertising with Google. So far we have received excellent service. The company team has been wonderful to work with far surpassing our expectations. They are extremely efficient and focused and timely in their delivery."

Lotuff Leather

Ellen A. McNulty-Brown / Chief Executive Officer at Lotuff Leather
If you are a business owner and want to focus on SEO but are uncertain where to begin, Xzito should be among your first calls.  The time and care they took to assess our business and our near and long-term goals was invaluable and likely contributed greatly to the quality of their assessment, which was second-to-none, in my opinion.  It was thorough, thoughtful and prescriptive.  Their approach could only be described as multi-faceted and strategic.  The owner himself has a talent in taking subject matter that was foreign to me and, as such, more complex and breaking it down in lay-mans terms so that the information was understandable and, critically, actionable.  Xzito provided us with everything we asked for, and, more importantly, provided us with everything we need to harness SEO and drive the growth of our business aggressively forward.  
Print Marketing  

Cook Ross
Bobby Joe

"When our company started working with Xzito, our booth set up for tradeshows consisted of a number of disparate parts which lacked cohesion, had competing messaging, and did not accurately or effectively represent our company, our work, nor the quality of our services. The expert staff at Xzito were nothing short of friendly and professional, working closely with us to construct a clear and concise message, and design a booth that positively represented our company brand and the work that we do--all while staying within our allotted budget for the project. We were very pleased with both the process and the final result, and we look forward to working with Xzito on additional projects in the future."

Overland Supply
Kimberly Dunn / Marketing Manager

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the wonderful experience we had while working with Xzito. I contacted them because we were looking to create some new pull up banners for an upcoming trade show.  We met with Jeshua and Juan who were wonderful and they listened to what Our company did and what we were looking for. They created  some wonderful marketing  and fresh new ideas. The service and products we received were exceptional, and provided on a very timely basis. We would like to thank the whole team at Xzito for all their hard work and excellent customer service, they made our trade show experience a huge success."
Multi-Cultural Marketing  

Colombian American Cultural Society
Alexander Parmenidez / Event Director & Public Relations

 "For several years we have been looking for agency to provide us guidance and support in marketing our events to the Colombian Community.  Xzito has provided terrific support in branding and creating communication for our annual recognition dinner and Festival, they have met with us several times, helping us understand communication logistics, communication elements from print media, social media promotions, and online promotions.  We have also used traditional channels such as Newspaper Ads, Radio and TV. We highly recommend Xzito for any organization and would like to thank them for their support."

Domestic Bank
Jaime C. Lind / Marketing Director 

"The Xzito team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their insights were critical for the development of a targeted campaign that would effectively communicate the Domestic Bank brand to members of the Latino community. Xzito was extremely efficient, provided high quality creative, and gave great recommendations to ensure accurate measurement of campaign results. We will continue to work with Xzito on additional projects in the future.

Blackstone Valley Community Health Care
Adriana Vargas

"Xzito Creative Solutions LLC has impressed our organization with their professionalism, creativity and marketing expertise Their designs, fresh ideas, and unique understanding on how to best brand to a culturally diverse market, has contributed to the great success in engaging patients to our practice. We're excited to continue working with Xzito Creative Solutions."
Public Speaking  

Carrie Coren
Creative Design for Marketing Solutions

"As a creative professional just learning about social media, I found the Social Media presentation to be very inclusive. Although the group attending the workshop represented a wide range of businesses, we all left with a solid understanding of how social media would benefit our business. Jeshua and Alejandro are very engaging (and entertaining) presenters. I would definitely recommend them for their marketing expertise."

Ed Lefkowicsz Photography
Ed Lefkowicz / President

"The Jump Start your Internet Strategy workshop was very well organized and presented— I got a lot from presentation! seven pages worth of notes. I'd recommend it highly, and hope Xzito has more workshops planned. Xzito is at the top of my list for recommended web and print marketing firms."

In Home Dog Training 
Jenny Dickinson

"The Planting The Seeds For High Web Traffic presentation was efficiently organized and each speaker shared a tremendous amount of information within the allocated time. The Xzito team was  committed to sharing their very deep and up-to-date expertise with the audience. I will be hiring Xzito to do marketing work for me in the future. I was impressed!"