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Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience Process Transformation for a National Manufacturer

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As a manufacturer of custom high-quality plastic conveyor components, Slideways Inc. promised to "reduce friction" for their customers. However, an outdated website made it difficult for their prospects, clients, and sales reps to find what they were looking for.

To solve this challenge we designed and implemented a strategic solution that transformed Slideway's overly complicated website into an intuitive well-oiled 24-hour sales machine.

Challenge & Solution


Mobile optimization: Although 20% of their traffic came from mobile devices, Slideways had outdated web design that wasn't mobile responsive.

customer-experience-icon-2 We updated the design to ensure that it worked seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Effective navigation: Complex navigation and unclear labeling on the old site made it hard for visitors to find the information they need, resulting in a slow and frustrating customer experience.


We created an intuitive web navigation structure that improved product discoverability and included a clear path to conversion.


Streamlined customer experience: The old website relied heavily on downloading PDF documents. It was disruptive to the purchasing journey and made it hard to locate products.


We implemented a modern eCommerce user flow that facilitated the sale of standard products while delivering a pleasing customer experience.


Enhanced sales process: In order to locate a sales rep, customers had to read through a long list of names. And sales reps were wasting time on their end navigating antiquated catalogs and rate sheets.


We created a centralized platform where customers can quickly find their local representatives. The reps are now able to access information, share resources, and close sales faster.


Improved performance tracking: The old technology system didn't have CRM automation to track sales inquiries or conversion rates


We built a scalable and intelligent platform to support marketing and sales initiatives so the Slideways' leadership can easily capture information and analyze performance.

Thomas R. Sioui, CEO of Slideways Inc.

“We are experts in machining plastic for conveyor components while Xzito is an expert in digital marketing for B2B companies. We would recommend them to any B2B company for handling your project needs.”

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Unique Features to Enhance the B2B Customer Experience

Product Library:

  • Website usability
  • SEO increase

Transformed an 84-page parts catalog into a searchable database of 250+ products and 3,000+ unique SKUs. Visitors are now able to browse, search, and request quotes with ease. This extraction of data also allows Slideways to increase search engine discoverability..

Sales Rep Locator:

  • Locate reps quickly
  • Track conversations by rep

We created a custom sales rep locator app that leveraged Google Maps API. Users are now able to quickly locate which of Slideways’ 30+ reps are assigned to their region and contact them directly via a localized landing page. This also means the Slideways team is able to track conversions by each representative. 

Custom Product Builder:

  • Reducing errors
  • Less effort required
  • Automated lead nurturing

Instead of sending an email or jumping on the phone to request a custom part, we built contextual forms that allow prospects to share specifications in a matter of clicks. This increases ordering efficiency and reduces the opportunity for error. Slideways is now fully equipped to automate lead nurturing through their connected CRM.

Sales & Marketing Intelligence:

  • Enhanced sales & marketing results tracking
  • Awareness of lead conversion points in the sales funnel.

No website is complete without a foundation designed to mine visitor data and drive decision making. We integrated a suite of intelligence tools that allow us to peel back the layers of the funnel and track everything from awareness to action. 

Modern Design:

Implemented a new visual identity for the brand that blends modern design trends with the traditional, industrial feel of manufacturing. Pairing component diagrams with application-focused media the audience to seamlessly connect Slideways’ solutions to their biggest challenges.


Thomas R. Sioui, CEO of Slideways Inc.


“One of the greatest benefits of the new website is that we are now able to direct the customer to a certain section or product, compare dimensions, look at applications, discuss operating environment and make sure we’ve got the right part for them.”