Why Xzito? Our Top 10 Reasons for Working with Us. 

  1. GROW TODAY'S PROSPECT & CUSTOMER BASE:  Achieve faster growth by maximizing your knowledge of the needs, wants, motivations, and location in the buying process of prospects and customers. Let's talk about proven Xzito strategies for accelerating lead generation, customer loyalty, sales referrals, up-sell opportunities, social media buzz, and revenue growth.
  2. ACCESS NEW GROWTH SEGMENTS:  We will work with you to set-up strategies to reach new buyer segments, generate fresh leads, educate and nurture prospects who may not be ready to buy, and help your sales channels to close new business. 
  3. REACH WHOLE NEW WORLDS OF OPPORTUNITY, LIKE THE LATINO MARKET: Are you spending 100% of your budget without impacting the fastest growing segment of the economy?  The Hispanic Market spent $1.3 Trillion in 2015, bought 1 out of 4 new Toyota Corollas, and represent 17% of the US population. With an intimate knowledge of the Hispanic market, the Xzito team can help you develop a simple extension to your marketing program to access a huge opportunity - before your competitors do.
  4. GO TO MARKET WITH THE BEST WEBSITE:  Most buyers today research companies, services, and products online prior to purchase. We are experts in simplifying web-experiences and helping reach your conversion objectives. From simple landing pages to advance e-commerce systems, we have helped hundreds of customers develop exciting web applications.
  5. INTEGRATE ONLINE AND OFFLINE MARKETING:  The gap between internet and traditional marketing has all but closed. Our campaigns connect with your customers online and offline.  Unlike other agencies who focus on one communication channel, the growth-focused campaigns we develop are multi-channel and multi-touch.
  6. MAKE HIGHLY INFORMED MARKETING AND SALES DECISIONS FOR OPTIMAL ROI :  Why is it that companies whose business is the provision of analytics turn to Xzito to design their analytic scoreboards? We will build your company's custom dashboard to constantly tracks the key performance indicators of your marketing and sales program  - a critical component to sound decision making and optimal ROI. 
  7. GET ONE KEY CONTACT:  We will assign a dedicated Account Manager to manage and support your marketing growth plan.  We will also keep track of industry, competitors, and analytical changes. The Account Manager will be your buddy in achieving success.
  8. GET A GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY AND EXECUTION PLAN THAT STAYS CURRENT AS THINGS CHANGE:   We will help you build or revise your marketing growth plan to include brand and marketing campaign drivers.  The plan will be accessible online to view and progress is updated 24x7x365 by all resources on the project team. We typically meet with you weekly to drive progress on deliverables and monthly or quarterly to evaluate campaign performance, lessons learned, emerging opportunities & threats, and more. 
  9. GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. OPTIMIZE  YOUR MARKETING BUDGET AND COSTS:  Depending on your needs, Xzito designers, developers, internet marketers, SEO/PPC experts, online technology pros, and sales coaches will augment your team to field the well-rounded skillset needed to succeed today - at a fraction of the time and cost of developing all of this on your own.
  10. BE FOUND:  The best websites and online programs fail if the buyer can't find you via online searches. We can help you rank high in Google and  go to market with the keywords your buyers use. Need to start ranking, but your new organic search program hasn't had enough time to get you to the top of an online search page? Let us develop a customized Pay-Per-Click campaign. 
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