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4 Marketing Campaign Growth Strategies You Should Be Running

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Jul 31, 2016 10:31:00 AM


If you have intentions of driving your company’s customer growth skywards, you’d be wise to set your mind on running a consistent marketing campaign. Think about it: if you don't run communication campaigns, how will others know about your products and services? And isn't the consumption of these products and services the epicenter of your future success?

Maintaining a sturdy, thriving campaign can put your GROWTH through the roof, just as easily as a flimsy campaign can make it flatline. What can you do to ensure customer growth? Let’s explore 4 types of growth strategies to build into your campaign plan.

#1: Customer Growth:

growth strategies customer growthThe objective of this type of campaign is to focus on your existing customer database. It's typically cheaper to get an existing customer’s attention than it is to engage a total stranger. When we work with our clients, we like to focus on growing the ENGAGEMENT from their existing customers.

How do we do this? We explore their SALES goals and customer databases, and then we use the information we’ve gathered to run campaigns. Such endeavors might be executed with a mind toward value position, competitiveness, new products, and/or re-product purchases. For example, a potential promotion campaign could revolve around contacts who purchased "X" but not "Y," or customers who haven’t not made a purchase in "Z" amount of time.

#2: Lead Growth:

growth strategies lead growthIn the marketing world, success is all about cultivating brand awareness, which in turn, is all about driving traffic and leads. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to be fastidious about adding new opportunities to the pipeline, and (assuming you tapped your existing customer base) it’s SMART to develop campaigns on a constant basis if you’re looking to drive NEW LEADS.

Over 60% of B2B marketers report that their greatest challenge is generating high quality leads, so if you can succeed in this arena, you’ll be a cut above the rest. Consider the following: what if, when your potential customers search for a product, you could ensure that searching “X” keyword would hone your website as a top result? What if you could reel in leads with lead magnets that help capture their contact data, because your content is of interest? What if you could combine a direct mail and online campaign to engage interested buyers? That’s the kind of crop a great LEAD GROWTH campaign can yield.

#3: Partner Sales Growth:

growth strategies partner growthDistributors, wholesalers, and organizations with large sales forces are constantly running campaigns that motivate partners to learn about their products and services, and offer COLLABORATION to execute more effectively. Depending on your business model, you might consider developing industry leading content to help your partners achieve success.

Some organizations focus primarily on a partner channel, constantly developing excitement and growth, while others might center their efforts on EDUCATING and supporting their internal sales teams. Consider your options; would your business benefit from a partner sales growth campaign?

#4: Employee Growth:

growth strategies employee_growth.jpgLet's not forget your most important assets! Your employees, also known as your tribe. Think about it: each one of them reported an interest in joining your company during their first interviews. Every individual went out of his or her way to land a spot on your TEAM, but now that the process of onboarding and settling in has run its course, they all run a serious risk becoming disengaged.

Instead of having a dead workforce that is not helping your organization thrive like they did in their first few months, why not reignite the fire with constant communication to keep them MOTIVATED? Consider running a customer referral program for their benefit, and help them share marketing content across social platforms.   

So, let's say you’re ready to start running new marketing growth strategies. What should you keep in mind? Consider your potential buyers’ point of view: don’t you hate it when people send MARKETING that isn’t relevant? Each campaign needs to be crafted differently, with the right objectives, KPIs, and tactics for your target market. Download our free Buyer Persona template to get started on personalized segmentation, content mapping, lead nurturing, & more! 

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