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Online Tools to Get Customer Feedback

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on May 16, 2012 3:05:00 PM

feedbackGail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, puts the importance of customer feedback bluntly: "Knowing what's being said about your brand allows you to see where you're succeeding and where you need improvement." – (Entrepreneur, 2011). After all, how can our brands win if we don’t know what customers want, think, or say about us? In this article, we will share easy-to-use online feedback tools for you to consider, apply and get ready to thrive!

Online Survey

A survey is one of the oldest and most useful feedback tools that a company can use. Tools such as SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang and Kissininsights, make it easy to create and distribute a survey from scratch in minutes. The collected data can help save valuable time and money, and truly discover whats important to your customers.

Get feedback on Social Media

Take advantage of your followers on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites! Create polls and surveys with tools like Twtpoll and PollYourFollowers to reach these audiences. You can also use tools provided by the platforms themselves, such as Facebook Questions and LinkedIn Polls, this is another great method to leverage your network and obtain insights.

Customer Suggestions Online

Show your customers you care. Allow them to leave you feedback right on your website. By implementing tools such as SuggestionBox and GetSatisfaction you’ll be able to get immediate feedback on your website design, usability and products and services.

Allow Your Customers to Vote

You can’t go wrong when you listen to your customers and make their ideas a reality. Collect ideas and feedback from your customers and give them a platform to vote with tools like IdeaScale and UserVoice. When your customers are actively involved with your company and development of your products or services, you’ll have a clear path to success.

Scenario Testing

If your company wants to launch a new product or service, it may be a good idea to see how customers will react to it. Scenario testing allows you to do just that. Through the use of tools like LuckyOrange, UserZoom, Croudsourcia.com and Chalkmark, it is now possible for your company to watch potential buyers as they navigate your website and view your products or services. Seeing and analyzing their reactions to various website designs, functionalities and features may help you better cater your product or service to your target market.

In conclusion, ask for feedback and keep your customers engaged and excited!  Start with 1, 2 or 3 of the tools recommended and get ready for some powerful insights from your customers to dramatically improve your business.   Share your ideas or feedback in the comment section below and you will be entered to WIN a $25 dollar AMEX Gift Certificate Card.

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