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Brand Positioning Strategy: Las Quesudas’ Case Study

Posted by Jairo Gomez on Jun 19, 2024 9:29:04 AM


At Xzito, we believe that a company's marketing assets, both tangible and intangible, increase the value of a business. Marketing assets are materials and resources that businesses use to promote products and engage with target audiences. Some of these intangible marketing assets, such as a strong brand reputation, a loyal customer base, and ongoing marketing campaigns that produce brand awareness, lead generation, and transactional sales, can have a positive impact on a company's growth potential and long-term success. However, these intangible assets can often be challenging to measure and may sometimes be undervalued or overlooked during the valuation process.


Developing Brand Trust with Las Quesudas

When Las Quesudas, a Latin food brand specializing in arepas (corn cakes) and cheese sticks, approached us, we saw a great opportunity to increase the value of their business by helping them improve their brand reputation to their target audience. 


Bringing Colombian Cuisine to the United States

When Andrés Restrepo, the CEO of Las Quesudas, arrived in the United States, he identified the absence of the "Arepa Quesuda," a unique product from his home region in Colombia that he enjoyed with family and friends. Motivated by the desire to introduce Colombian cuisine to the U.S. and recognize a market opportunity, he created Las Quesudas. Today, Las Quesudas products are available in bakeries, restaurants, stores, and supermarkets across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.


Growth Assessment for Revenue Potential

When we commenced our collaboration with Las Quesudas, Andrés looked for our help with some sales enablement collateral and branding. But we made a big step back and wanted to discuss more growth opportunities. Also, we wanted to help him think about growth on a bigger scale. 

We kicked things off with a growth assessment to uncover potential business opportunities and evaluate the brand’s potential for revenue growth. We started thinking, if a lot of their revenue comes from partners, how can we make it easier for other companies to partner with Las Quesudas?


Crafting Wholesale Sales Enablement Materials

During our growth assessment with Las Quesudas, we quickly confirmed what the client was already thinking: they needed effective sales enablement materials to attract wholesale partners like bakeries and restaurants. Our role was to help refine the approach and craft the messaging. We designed materials that clearly show the benefits of partnering with Las Quesudas, illustrating how integration of their products can boost partners' revenues and demonstrating the value and attributes directly to clients. These materials are crucial for discussions with food distributors, helping to widen the reach of Las Quesudas products.

                        Las Quesudas Hojas de Venta


The sales enablement toolkit consisted of Sales Sheets, with the primary goal of informing their wholesale partners about product specifications, features, benefits, and preparation methods. In addition, we incorporated a list of frequently asked questions tailored to train their wholesale partners. Enabling them to effectively educate consumers on product preparation and promotion.


Creating a Physical Brand Presence

Another revenue growth opportunity for Las Quesudas was the importance of establishing a physical storefront to engage directly with consumers. However, it was crucial to avoid any potential conflicts with their wholesale partners. To address this, we introduced the branding of "Las Quesudas Factory'' for the storefront, emphasizing its role as both a production facility and a retail outlet catering to enthusiasts of Colombian Cuisine. This approach mirrors the concept of destinations like the Sam Adams Brewery, where visitors can enjoy the experience onsite while products remain available at various local establishments.

To begin the design process, we conducted detailed research on different bakeries, identifying specific elements that would resonate with the brand. The client desired a contemporary, rustic, and inviting feel, so we ensured all elements aligned with this image. We measured both the interior and exterior of the store, taking note of any obstacles that could impact the design. For instance, a prominent, non-removable fire alarm, bright red in color, required creative solutions to integrate it into the storefront without disrupting the aesthetic.


Fachada LAS QUESUDAS-images-images-2Fachada LAS QUESUDAS-images-5


Another challenge was the building's entrance, which was divided in half. One side served as the main entry for consumers, while the other was closed off to accommodate the bakery's back-of-house operations. To address this, we implemented vertical wood panels that not only directed traffic to the correct entrance but also enhanced the facade’s appearance, maintaining a clear and appealing entryway.

With these measurements and inspired elements in hand, we crafted a design that not only optimized the space for functionality but also created a brand experience that resonates with end consumers. Our design strategy included redistributing areas to emphasize design elements that enhance visual harmony and functionality, with careful attention to exterior areas to ensure the great application of the design.



Partnering for Business Growth

Having a partner who understands your brand as a valuable asset can be life-changing for your business success. At Xzito, we are dedicated to enhancing your brand and driving business growth. If this resonates with you, let’s schedule a conversation and unlock your growth potential!


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