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The Easiest Way to Boost Customer Reviews

Posted by Jairo Gomez on Sep 30, 2022 4:01:22 PM

The-Easiest-Way-to-Boost-Customer-Reviews-postWe all know collecting customer reviews isn't always easy (for the brand asking for the review nor the customer leaving the review). Making customers jump through a few hoops to leave you a 5-star review will be a problem of the past. NiceJob makes the process of collecting reviews seamless and practical.

NiceJob — What Is It?

NiceJob is a powerful tool that helps companies get more reviews and boost their word-of-mouth marketing. Having more reviews provides trust signals to potential customers. This trust is built on the brand's reputation for delivering a great customer experience.

"90% of consumers think reviews and referrals are more important than any info from a salesperson."

In other words, they give your customers a voice to sing your praises (and attract more). How do they do this?

When you use NiceJob, you can proactively send customers post-purchase invites to leave a review via SMS or email. You can configure these review requests to send at the right time when your customers are most likely to give a great review or testimonial.

By comparison, asking a customer for a review in person may feel uncomfortable. Now you can automate the entire process without even having to ask. In addition, asking for reviews can take time from servicing other customers. By freeing up this time, service providers can create more amazing 5-star customer review experiences.

Features of the Online Review Tool

NiceJob's functionality helps to get more reviews proactively and reactively. With more reviews, companies gain credibility with potential customers and enable existing customers to refer a company's products/services.

  1. Automated multi-step workflow using SMS and email to request reviews
    Automate Customer Reviews
    You don't have to micro-manage your review prompts anymore. Think about it: One of such emails takes about 2 minutes to type and send. But you can automate that and make it run intelligently, so customers are reminded to leave a review. At the same time, the experience is still fresh on their minds.

  2. Automate social sharing of customer reviews
    What's better than a happy customer leaving a review on Google Maps or Yelp? Sharing it to your followers on social media — let them see how great you are. NiceJob's Smart Funnel does that for you automatically. It will sort through, isolate the best, and post the reviews, all in real time.

  3. Notify visitors to your website of the most recent reviews
    Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 10.56.01 AM
    It's not enough to gather customer reviews. Reputation marketing hinges on visitors to your webpage seeing these reviews. The more recent the review, the better trust it will generate. You don't want them to think you're coasting on past glory. NiceJob makes the most recent customer reviews visible to your web visitors, singing your praises and boosting conversion rates by up to 10%.

  4. Ability to see all reviews across all popular review platforms
    View Reviews From All Sources in One ViewReview platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp, help users see your customers' glowing opinions about your products and services — all in one spot, not scattered all over the internet. Let them see you have fans in many places.

  5. Sync contacts from your CRM with NiceJob and send ad hoc review invites
    Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 11.15.03 AMSync your contacts with NiceJob, and input what kind of review prompts the program should send out and when. It sends out those prompts when needed.

    Not the right time to ask for a review or already have a positive review? Then send an invitation from NiceJob to ask for a referral instead. The review module in NiceJob works with the "request a review" module to ask for a referral once someone has left a positive review about your company.

How This Fits into Your Online Marketing Strategy

  • Better social media marketing impact -

    Sharing reviews on social media lets other followers see how satisfied your customers are with the products and services.

    Customer reviews create trust in the marketplace. You can boost that trust to different audiences who meet your ideal customer profile by using social advertising platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • More effective review prompts - Attention is a valuable currency in today's competitive market. Customers can easily forget about leaving a review even if they are thrilled about you. Automation remembers when everyone else forgets.

    By allowing automation to lead the way, brands will have a consistent and effective process with how reviews are requested - allowing your marketing team to spend more time on other strategic marketing initiatives.

  • Significant conversion rates boost - Having customer reviews on your website helps increase conversion rates. We all know reviews help potential customers either say "yes" or "no" to your offer.

    A positive review on your website during the customer purchasing journey will help potential customers consider using your product or service versus a competing brand with little to no reviews - boosting your sales, click-through rates, and recommendations.

    The trust displayed by other satisfied customers allows your brand to convert top or middle-of-the-funnel visitors faster.

  • Higher SEO ranking - Having more reviews on Google helps you rank better on search when people are searching for your product or service. It also helps increase your click-through rate since the user can see the reviews on the search results page.
    Google Reviews Helps with SEO

Interested in Learning More?

Xzito + NiceJob Partnership
Xzito partnered up with NiceJob to help brands with getting more customer reviews. Schedule a free consultation with Xzito to help you configure a NiceJob, or go to NiceJob.com to configure NiceJob on your own.

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