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Exploring the Connection Between Consistency and Creativity

Posted by Jairo Gomez on Dec 21, 2016 9:52:02 AM


There's a lot of tension between creativity and consistency. Some people believe that embracing consistency leads to boring routines that keep the creative types from vividly exploring their brilliant, brilliant minds. Consistency is associated with boundaries, and boundaries are too abrasive for the realization of creative solutions, right? Wrong!Solving problems creativity isn't about solutions out of thin air, it's about the systematic exploration of ideas. In order for anyone to put their natural creativity to good use (that's right, the "creative type," is a myth-- we're all naturally creative in our own ways) they have to know how to direct it. Here are some quick tips to help you focus your creative instincts in a productive way! 

Consistency and creativity

Bridging The Two Together

Consistency has a lot of good to offer the creative process, according to Inc.com. It gives you the opportunity to experience constant exposure to innovative ideas.

Establishing a sound routine is key, but this routine doesn't have to be boring. This routine can include a series of fun things you do to spark inspiration and drive creative solutions.

For example, your routine could include conversations with your favorite business partners or mentors. It could include interactive brainstorming games during laid-back business meetings. Maybe a walk in the park or turning on the TV to your favorite news channel will do the trick. Maybe it's listening to music or podcasts!

These enjoyable moments allow you to free your mind. As a result, you're more open to inspiration from unexpected sources, during unexpected moments. Creative solutions are right around the corner.

Consistency and creativity

Innovation Becomes Refined

Practicing consistency provides good reasons to rethink how boundaries impact your creativity. Besides, even the most innovative people lose sight of their goals, causing them to fall into crappy routines that slash their productivity.

If these people had boundaries, which are part of routines, they could channel their creativity in smarter, more effective ways. Think of this as creating a musical rhythm; with a steady pattern in place, your metaphorical orchestra will know when to act and when to rest.

For example, get in the rhythm of writing down a handful of creative solutions for your online marketing strategies each day. This could take you as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day. Time yourself! Don't worry about whether the results are lackluster, short brainstorming sessions like these are meant to get your instruments in tune, not write the symphony.

The point is to get your creative juices flowing on a daily basis. This gives you room to fine-tune your ideas. The more ideas you generate, the more you have available to keep or discard. 

You can connect these creative ideas in ways you never thought of. This could lead to the amazing development of short-term and long-term projects. You shouldn't wait until the heavens bestow creative solutions upon you, you need to go get them for yourself!

Have you changed your frame of mind regarding consistency? Business is definitely a challenge without it. In fact, a business cannot exist without it. We understand this. Schedule a consultation so we can consistently explore creative solutions that turn onlookers into loyal customers.

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