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4 Creative Solutions to Rocket Fuel Marketing Growth

Posted by Jairo Gomez on Nov 19, 2015 4:07:46 PM

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The sky may be the limit for your organization, but only if you have the necessary creative fuel to get your digital marketing campaign into orbit. If you're having trouble wrapping your head around how to make this happen, consider adding these four powerful catalysts to your marketing mix.

1. Regular (and Relevant) Blogging

Creative Solutions Marketing Efforts BloggingContent marketing reels people in to your website, but only if you're using sufficiently interesting bait. A company blog is one of the simplest and most effective creative solutions you can employ to help you pop up on search results, especially if you're offering helpful tips and information on the topics that matter most to your target audience. The more frequently and regularly you can post original, helpful, engaging articles, the more easily you can train your readership to keep coming back for more - until they see you as the authority in your industry.

Creative Solutions Marketing Efforts Blog

Regular blogging can help lead prospective customers to your business.

2. Eye-grabbing Visual Content

Creative Solutions Marketing Efforts Visual ContentOnline creativity doesn't with the words. Today's attention-challenged web surfer may need an extra incentive to stop and look at your message. That's why you need to post colorful (still and moving) images that compel attention long enough to stop an itchy mouse finger in its tracks. Consider such popular options as:

  • Infographics - A graphic that conveys a wealth of statistics, tips, and other data in one convenient package may be just what your online visitor is looking for.
  • Video - Webinars, video podcasts, and interviews with satisfied customers or industry leaders enable you to leverage that SEO giant known as YouTube while presenting a more dynamic image to your followers.
  • Presentations - Slideshare presentations let you go into a little more depth with your content while maintaining a colorful, easy-to-absorb format.

3. Contests and Promotions

Creative Solutions Marketing Efforts contests promotionsNeed to heat up your social media channels? One of the best ways to manage this is by promoting contests through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other popular platforms. The price of admission might be subscribing to your channel, completing a survey, sharing an offer, hashtagging a particular keyword to get a trend going, or some other action that increases your online visibility and provides you with useful marketing data.

How about letting your audience members contribute their own creativity to your campaign? Host a video contest on your YouTube channel or a photo contest on Pinterest or Facebook, and you'll add a whole new level of interactivity and excitement to your social media presence -- and you don't even have to create the content!

4. Outsourcing to the Experts

Creative Solutions Marketing Efforts outsource to expertsNot all creative solutions make sense for every company or situation. Throwing your creativity into every possible avenue might optimize your chances for broadening your audience, but it's also likely to waste coveted time, money and energy by "hitting 'em where they ain't." Even if you have a clear idea of where you should exert your creative efforts, the sheer volume of creativity necessary to fulfill your goals may overwhelm your team and distract them from other essential business functions.

Creative Solutions Marketing Efforts focus

Focused creativity is effective creativity.

The wisest solution for ramping up your creative output and implementing it strategically may be to outsource this workload to specialists. A skilled, experienced digital marketing company like Xzito can take your ideas and run with them - or produce ideas where none existed before. We can also construct a detailed plan for reaching your ideal prospects and helping you convert them into customers. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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