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How To Get a Decision Maker’s Email Address

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Sep 22, 2015 10:43:00 PM


What if you could get the email address for key decision-makers within a specific targeted accounts? What would that mean to your marketing program? What would your firm’s salespeople think of the marketing department if they could easily get that info? Forget yesterday’s frustrating, time-consuming, low success ways. Try the following tools and applications to get the eMail addresses so badly needed by your Marketing and Sales Team. 

  • Datanyze Insider – A plugin for Chrome or Firefox that allows you to highlight anyones name that appears online and lets you know their email
  • Email Hunter – Find email addresses associated to a company domain
  • Voila Norbert - An easy tool to help you verify someone’s email
  • EmailBreaker - Find out what format a Company structures their email addresses - i.e.john.doe@companyname.com, j.doe@companyname.com, doe.john@companyname.com
  • Conspire - An app that allows you to analyze your contact list and identify mutual acquaintances. Now you know who can introduce you to that person of interest.
  • LinkedIn Connections - A hidden feature in LinkedIn’s advanced settings that gives you the ability to export your connections from linkedin into your Google Contacts List.

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