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Get Sales Moving by Tracking Email Opens

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Sep 22, 2015 11:10:00 PM


Time was, salespeople sent emails to decision makers and marketing launched eMail Marketing blasts without knowing what happened afterwards - unless a response came back. Kind of like launching balloons into a windstorm or sending messages in a bottle. 

No more, thanks to technology. Now you can see who clicks on and opens your eMails, clicks within your eMails, forwards them...and when they did so. You can gauge their level of interest by seeing how many times they clicked on your eMail. You can see who downloaded an attachment. Or, who clicked on a link to other relevant info you have such as blogs, tweets, and social media posts. You can attach presentations to your eMail, and then see how long the recipient spent on each page. And you can get info like this on your desktop, or on the road via your mobile device. You can even see what time zone the recipient was in when they clicked.

Believe me, sales and marketing would kill to take networking and relationship-building to a whole new level, like this. With new technology, they can helpfully respond and move a prospective sale or relationship further along in the funnel. When salespeople can call an important prospect or customer and talk about what they’re interested in, right now, that’s helpful vs being interruptive.

They can also see the flip side of the coin – who didn’t open the eMail. That lets them try another approach. You’d be surprised how well persistence pays off.

To Learn more, take a look at Sidekick, by Hubspot. Or, Yesware.

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