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Unknown competitors taking your sales?

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Sep 22, 2015 10:31:00 PM

unknown-competitors-taking--salesWhen sales are lost to competitors you don’t know about, that hurts! 

Find established digital competitors and disruptive fast-moving startups by Googling the keywords prospects use to find a company like yours. Use Google’s tools to carefully evaluate your top 3 competitors as well as an emerging upstart.

  • What keywords work best in your market? What new ones are emerging? What keywords do they use that you don’t?
  • What’s your most dangerous competitors’ market positioning and value proposition? How does yours compare?
  • Who are they targeting? How does their content compare to yours? Their Website? Their Ebooks?
  • What are their calls-to-action and offers? Downloads? Newsletter? Blog? Social Media?
  • Do they run paid advertising? Find out by going to keywordspy.com.
  • What are they doing on social media? Are they getting traction?

With the speed that the online market’s moving, you need to run hard to stay ahead of competitor actions and buyer needs. Answer these questions, and then create a short list of online marketing improvement opportunities that will get you found and will convert web traffic into fresh new leads.

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