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5 Keys to Developing a Powerful Brand Identity

Posted by Jairo Gomez on Sep 28, 2016 1:38:28 PM


What comes to mind when you think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Upon reading this question, you took no time to realize these are social media platforms, right? But you understand these aren't just any social media platforms. It's better to say they are social media powerhouses because of their high-ranking positions among users.

Brand identity

What is Brand Identity?

They are part of the top 10 most sought-after social media sites. On the other hand, these powerhouses aren't one in the same. What separates each one from each other? This comes down to their brand identities. Brand identity encompasses all the unique characteristics that define the nature and functions of a business, which allows it to stand out from competitors.

Let's highlight this further with our social media example. Facebook's brand identity is based on connecting family and friends together with shared stories - often personal. Twitter's brand identity is based on connecting people of the world together through live commentary on breaking news and entertainment.

LinkedIn's brand identity is based on helping people build professional connections and land great work opportunities. YouTube's brand identity is based on giving everyone a stage of their own to voice their ideas, opinions, and stories through videos. These are the identities you and many people around the world have come to know and love. But what makes these sites so successful?

Why Certain Brands are Exceptional

Besides carving out innovative identities for themselves, these social media companies work diligently to improve the well-being of their identities. And this is what largely sets them apart from low-ranking competitors like Myspace. They understand that continuing to meet users' demands highly depends on how well-formed their brand identities are. The more honest, mature, and positive their brand identities are, the more capable they are of attracting users.

This is how you should shape your business's brand identity. And let this practice infiltrate every aspect of your business. This includes your brand name, logo, product designs, website layout, social media pages, and any other features that set your business apart from other sellers. Let your strategies and actions convey the distinctive values, purpose, strengths, and passions that define your business. Let's dig deeper into the process of cultivating a healthy brand identity.

Brand identity

How You Can Establish an Enduring Brand Identity

1. Start by establishing a vision for your business. What do you want to accomplish? What problems are you qualified to tackle? What makes your brand stand out in its industry and draw in customers? Your vision statement should honestly and clearly explain the journey you want your business to take.

2. Declare the mission of your business. How will you accomplish your goals? Who are your business allies to help you get the job done? What tools will you use to reach your goals? Indicate how you are going to bring your vision to life, including business partnerships and resources.

3. Define the essence of your business. What is the heart, soul, and spirit of your business? What does it stand for? Express the nature of your business and what all it represents. Think about what you want your customers to know your business as. Try to sum this up in a single word. Maybe the essence is adventurous or family-friendly.

4. Describe the personality of your business. How does this personality think, speak, behave, and react in the world? What attributes can customers experience by interacting with this personality? This has to do with the personification of your business. Think of it as the traits your business would have if it was a human.

5. Provide a value proposition. How do your products and services benefit customers? Are the benefits lasting? Why is your business better than competitors? Persuade potential customers to purchase from your business and old customers to stick around. Show you are committed to meeting the changing demands of your target population.

Those are the basic elements that make up any brand identity. Cultivate them as much as you can, to the benefit of your customers. Regularly examine the strengths and weaknesses of it for future optimization. Allow us to customize internet marketing strategies for your brand identity and grow your business leads. Schedule a consultation now so we can get started.

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