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Hiring an Online Marketing Agency: The Contrarian’s View

Posted by Jeshua Zapata on Apr 3, 2018 2:26:00 PM

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Let’s say you’re dissatisfied with the online marketing and sales results you’ve been getting. You want to do something about it. Most people jump right into google when they look to hire an online marketing agency. 

Traditional marketing agency search steps:

  1. You compile a short list of the “best marketing agencies” based on your google research. 

  2. Ask your peers “who’s good?

  3. Surf the agency websites on your list.

What do you typically find?

  • Agencies that look the same.

  • Act the same. 

  • Say the same things.

  • Do the same things.

Same “me-too” services and processes. Same bragging about clients who got a 300% increase this month (Ex: their client got 9 leads, while last month they got 3).

Same so-very-cool people who work there (Joe’s a taxidermist! Emily skydives!).

Blog posts loaded with so much jargon and buzzwords that even their authors can’t understand them.


Think about it. If they can’t differentiate themselves, how will they be able to differentiate you?

Contrarians aren’t like their competitors.

Want to be an exciting brand? Seek an agency partner that your employees, customers, and leads can be excited about!

A marketing partner who can think independently and deliver value for your brand. Here's a secret - excited customers tell their friends. Apple. Amazon. MetLife. Twitter. We all know the contrarians.

Contrarians execute steps 1-3 shown above. But they go further.

  1. You identify leading companies in similar industries and find out who their agencies are. Chances are, those companies didn’t get to be leaders without an exciting online marketing and sales partner.

  1. You devise very different ways to interview prospective agencies. Do you know what questions to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency? How do you find the needle in the haystack?

  2. You demand:

How about you? Are you a contrarian?

Here are the six contrarian questions to ask when hiring a Marketing Agency.

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